Monday, January 14, 2013

Retro Flowers

I cannot believe all the flowers are pieced!

We're being very indulgent and skiing for most of this month.   I had to bring my sewing machine (and as much gear and fabric as I could get away with!) with me, and all the pieces for this (and several other) quilts.  I had two blocks finished from earlier last year.  I was a bit bummed that I didn't select my favorite fabrics for this as it was so much work to do.  All that exactitude!  One print - the blue in the upper right corner - is a Liberty tana lawn.  I bought it from Purl Soho with a gift card the Captain gave me for Christmas 2011.  When I didn't know anything about fabric.  So, I guess that qualifies as a special fabric.

I'm so pleased with these flowers.  The Captain is decidedly NOT a flower fan, however.  Oh well, I made it for the challenge and because I like it.  It isn't a very big quilt, for all that work.  I think it needs at least nine more flowers, so that it is five by five.  Or should I sash it?  If I'm going to make nine more, why not make many many more and make two quilts, one sort of uber bright and one low volume? (Like birthing a baby, clearly I am forgetting how much cutting and pinning and pinning and cutting and pinning and finicky curvy piecing was involved and am only focusing on the end result [not that there was much cutting and pinning involved in birthing my two babies - haha].)  It represents reall progress toward my Finish Along goals!

Unrelated to the Finish Along, I did get my Lucky Stars Block of the Month for January complete.  Actually, I made three as I'd cut enough fabric before coming skiing.  They all look the same as this one, except one is the 6" version and two are the 12" (maybe its 12.5) version.  I had the hardest time with this, ripping out seams over and over because I wasn't paying attention.  I'll use one block for the quilt that will ultimately come from this activity, and I think I'll make the other into another pillow when we get home.  The little one will have to hang around until I figure out what to make of him.

Hitting the slopes for most of the day tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. your flowers look fabulous and that star is awesome.
    I thought you were talking about water skiing at first.

  2. The flowers look great, as does your star! I realllly need to get started on mine!

  3. Your Retro Flowers look great! I totally understand the work that goes into it but once finished it is so worth it. I love mine! I love your paper pieced star pillow also! I have to get on my blocks! I see we are both going to Sew South too- it will be fun to meet people in person! Have a great week!

  4. I love the flowers and the stars look fantastic.

  5. Pretty! Love your block, your colours choices are just POPPING!!!