Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Weekender - Done!

I finished!  

And I love it!

I blogged about this earlier (and I know there is some way to link that here, but really, I've only written four other posts, two of which relate to my making The Weekender, so it wouldn't be difficult for any readers to find . . . ).

I chose this fabric, a canvas weight from Ikea (and which I still own at least 10 more yards) because it looks nautical to me and I like how crisp it looks.  I have so enjoyed seeing the quilted versions, and think I might try that for my third (I have already decided on the fabric for the second, now that I know I can cheat and use something else behind the outer pockets - thanks to Leanne at She Can Quilt!).

Here are the other pictures I have:

Double inside pocket.

Inside zipper pocket.  My first ever! 

I am so happy with this bag.  In addition to being a fabulous bag that I'm very proud of, it was also my gateway drug to blogging!  

Thank you to all of The Weekender makers - it was a lot of fun, and you were all so helpful!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cuzco Hexies at 27,000 Feet

We took a short flight earlier this week, so I loaded up my new wide mouth zip pouch with a stack of 1" hexie papers and the two mini charm packs of Cuzco that had just arrived in the Happy Mail (I didn't mean to get the mini charms; I meant to get the entire stack of fat quarters regular charms) along with my little snips, enough needles so I could drop a few without worrying that it would mean the end of my project, and some random bobbin threads and made my very first hexie things.

I really like this fabric, and spending time with each bit was special because I was able to look at it more closely and appreciate it.  And to then decide I wanted a couple of yards of some of the prints.  

The hexies?  I think they're kind of pretty, primarily the fabric aspect of them.  And it was enjoyable making them (sort of hard with the mini charms to get them wrapped all the way around the paper piece sometimes - probably if i cut them myself I'd use slightly bigger pieces of fabric). But they seem old fashioned to me, not that there's anything wrong with old fashioned.  I'm just not naturally drawn to them.  I don't know what I'll do with these.  I used all but three of the charms from one pack flying up and back.  We landed so I didn't get the last three done.  I guess they'll be a W.I.P. for awhile!

If I could figure out how, i'd link up with Lee at Freshly Pieced

Have a great Wednesday!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Learning, Catching Up

The pressure.  To post frequently.  To not give up before I've even really begun.

I am learning, slowly.  Mostly because I would rather be sewing.  But I did label my previous posts, so there's an improvement!  I've received some great tips and help from my commenters and followers - thanks so much!

We are heading to San Francisco this morning for a business event and I probably won't post while I'm away and just didn't want so much time to go by.  I wish I had some pictures of my work over the weekend.  I need to figure out a way to do that easily, without having to onerously upload pictures, but maybe it's just an onerous process that everyone goes through.

I didn't finish my Weekender, but I've been showing it off.  I am debating taking it with me, but I'm afraid it will get dirty or smooshed under my airplane seat or the overhead.  Kind of ridiculous, I suppose, but I do rather enjoy it sitting on the desk bar in the salon!

I also started and finished a quilt top for a new baby that I get to meet right after Thanksgiving!  I used the Little Sprouts pattern by Vanessa Christenson, and I just love how it turned out.  I will take pics.

And I'm going to make my hurricane Sandy blocks before I leave.

Be well, and don't forget to vote tomorrow (not for a quilt, but for a president!)