Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have three quilts I'd like to finish soon.

First, a quilt for my first great niece who joined us in late November.  Its not like I didn't know she was going to join us, but I couldn't figure out what to do or even if what I was going to do would be worthy (I suppose that's ridiculous, but making something as a gift for someone feels like such a great responsibility).  I've pieced the top, basted it with its backing, half quilted it (I might take that all out and start over again), and have prepped the binding.  This should be my FIRST finish.

Second up is a quilt I started last year, or maybe even the year before.  This isn't what it really looks like - I was testing it out to see what I'd need to do to make it a full size quilt (a lot, it turns out).  I first started quilting in July 2011 as in - I made a quilt in July/August 2011 - so I might have started this later in that year.  I didn't know what I wanted to do, and didn't have a pattern, but - from my current perspective and looking at my notes - I must have heard something about 5" squares (charms) though for some reason decided to cut my fabric at 5-1/2".  I made what I thought was a quilt top but, turns out, it wasn't big enough, so into the WIP pile it went (it was the first).  I did just love the fabric combo though and have wanted to complete it.  And so I shall!  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of the original fabric so I had to hunt a bit to find similar fabrics.  I think the new ones won't show up as 'new.'    I figure I need to add at least one additional row and four or five columns.

Lastly - at least for this go round - is my Retro Flowers.  I actually started this as a quilt for the new great niece (see above) but oh, my.  What a lot of work!  And difficulty matching, etc.  So I set this aside and made something (only slightly) less onerous.  I wish I'd used more loved fabrics for the flowers - I have an unfortunate M.O. of picking my less-than-favorites for patterns because I think I won't do a very good job and don't want to waste.  But I pretty much have liked everything I've made and would like it all so much better if I'd used fabric I loved!!  How about taking that as a lesson for the year . . .

Linking up (at the last minute!) with the 2013 Finish A Long hosted by Leanne at She Can Quilt.


  1. I am so glad you made it to the FAL this quarter. These are excellent projects to finish, and I am looking forward to watching your progress. It took me a long while to realize there would be new best fabric next season so it is best to use what I love best, so now I am working on that too.

  2. I like everything you shared on this post. I have done the same thing you did with the quilt on the bed. But I am sure your fabric picks will be fine and you could always add several borders too.

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  4. Love your color choices and your blog name - very clever!!

  5. Love your projects! What a great sense of color you have!