Monday, February 25, 2013

It's All About Me!

Hosted by Marlene Bush and Madame Samm this hop is showcasing some really amazing creativity!  I wasn't quite sure how to approach it.  A bit nervous at my first ever blog hop, and having never tackled the techniques in Amy Bradley's adorable and well-written pattern, I pretty much stuck to it.

Minor changes, like the always-there gray roots, a bit longer hair, an attempt at nautical fabrics (the dress is actually from one of the Captain's cast-off shirts), and a nod to my cute little dog Elvis is about as far as I went.  I don't have quite the middle depicted here but wasn't certain of my ability to made that modification (in fabric or in real life - ha!), and it may have made more sense to put a glass of wine in that left hand!

Now, go look at the really creative work that has been done out there! And, be sure to check out the top three of the day at Sew We Quilt -- there's a really great drawing if you comment on everyone's blog!

Now, go check out the other "me's" -  and thanks for stopping by!


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Saturday, February 2, 2013


This was so quick and fun! And look! I have my own triple zip pouch! I'm so excited!

Thanks to Debbie at A Quilters Table for the tutorial and the TZ Along on Flickr! I used Debbie's tutorial for most of it, and then went to the tute Marci posted to help with the final bit. Thank you, ladies!

I used a directional print for my main fabric and if I'd read through the instructions before cutting/fusing, I'd have cut it differently. I did allow for the directional but there's some backwards on the reverse. I won't look at it just like I don't look at the back of my hair when I'm getting spiffed up in the morning (or afternoon, or not at all, as the case may be).

I used pins on the first zip (1B) but that was painful and time consuming, so I switched and from then on I machine basted one bit or the other (the lining or the outer fabric) to the zip and THEN sewed whatever wasn't basted to the basted part (I see why writing a tutorial could be challenging!). My linings shifted ever so slightly, so before I did the final steps, first I rotaried them even.

I just love this. I'm so glad I used fabric I actually like, vs my typical MO. I'd love to make a larger one, and box the bottom.

Happy Saturday! Holli