Saturday, December 8, 2012

Some Sewing

A successful day of sewing.  And now a blog post.  These were my goals for this two weeks the Captain is off riding his bicycle with friends: sewing; and trying to better figure out how to blog.  

I made this pincushion/threadcatcher, pocket thing (it is actually called a Weighted Pincushion Organizer) based on Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial at Sew Mama Sew.  In the photo above it is in the salon (boatspeak for living room) because my sewing room is too dark.  I really like the way it looks, but it isn't heavy enough.  Maybe I used the wrong rice.  It falls off my sewing table and I've only put one thread into the threadcatcher.  I think I'll open it back up and maybe put in crushed walnut shells (I have a bag of them) to replace the fiberfill (I'll keep the rice also).  Maybe I'll also put some nonskid on the bottom of it so it holds.  And maybe I'll put the threadcatcher off to the side, because I also kind of run into it when I'm sewing.  I had thought about it when I made it - keep in mind, I have a teensy weensy sewing space - but I always like to (try to) make things they way they are described before trying to insert my own opinions (don't hold me to it, though).

When I was finished with that, I tackled a WIP.  I'll try to post properly by linking up with Lee on WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  For now, here's a little look.

And yesterday I finished two hospice bears.  (They're posing here in my car, a last minute snapshot before sending them off.)  The fabric, typically an article of clothing, is supplied by family members - in this case a San Diego Padres' shirt worn and undoubtedly beloved by the person who used to wear it - and, with the prescribed pattern (and strict instructions to add no embellishments that were not part of the clothing provided), volunteers make up the bears, giving family members a sweet, and cuddly, reminder of someone they love.  

We'll call this a successful post.  Pictures, links, actual work having been done.  Let's see if I can manage tomorrow as well.

. . . one more thing . . . someone told me that I have the "prove you're human" hurdle on my comments, but I can't see it to change it - if you see that I'm not allowing comments, please also let me know where I can turn that off - thanks! (and any other suggestions are welcome also - I have so much to learn!)

All the best, 



  1. Great blog post and lovely projects! I love your bears. What a great pattern and such a wonderful gift for families.

  2. Successful post indeed! Love the bears - what a sweet idea!

  3. You ARE allowing comments; we just have to do the word verification. Here's how to change that...go to Design - settings - posts and comments. Then 'show word verification' should be 'no'.