Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Weekender - Done!

I finished!  

And I love it!

I blogged about this earlier (and I know there is some way to link that here, but really, I've only written four other posts, two of which relate to my making The Weekender, so it wouldn't be difficult for any readers to find . . . ).

I chose this fabric, a canvas weight from Ikea (and which I still own at least 10 more yards) because it looks nautical to me and I like how crisp it looks.  I have so enjoyed seeing the quilted versions, and think I might try that for my third (I have already decided on the fabric for the second, now that I know I can cheat and use something else behind the outer pockets - thanks to Leanne at She Can Quilt!).

Here are the other pictures I have:

Double inside pocket.

Inside zipper pocket.  My first ever! 

I am so happy with this bag.  In addition to being a fabulous bag that I'm very proud of, it was also my gateway drug to blogging!  

Thank you to all of The Weekender makers - it was a lot of fun, and you were all so helpful!!


  1. Holli, this is nautical perfection!! I absolutely adore the simplicity of your design -- gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful job! Your fabric choices, both inside and out, are perfect.

  3. This is gorgeous. Where are you living now? Do you just travel from port to port?

  4. This DOES look SO nautical & you did an awesome job! I just love the stripes with the lining you chose! Congrats!!

  5. Your Weekender bag is amazing! I LOVE the lining!!

  6. Your bag is awesome Holli. Definitely nautical! Love your blog name by the way :) Look forward to seeing your next weekender too.

  7. Ha ha gateway to blogging. I hear that. I love this bag - it's perfect in every way.

  8. p.s. if at all possible, it would be lovely if you got rid of the "prove you're not a robot" step. Those captcha codes are REALLY hard to read and it definitely discourages people from commenting.

  9. I've seen a few versions of this bag......but not one with such an amazing colour choice!! and the lining is just perfect!!

  10. I have the pattern for the Weekender bag but haven't attempted it yet. Yours looks amazing and I love the fabric choice. By the way I'm now your newest follower.