Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cuzco Hexies at 27,000 Feet

We took a short flight earlier this week, so I loaded up my new wide mouth zip pouch with a stack of 1" hexie papers and the two mini charm packs of Cuzco that had just arrived in the Happy Mail (I didn't mean to get the mini charms; I meant to get the entire stack of fat quarters regular charms) along with my little snips, enough needles so I could drop a few without worrying that it would mean the end of my project, and some random bobbin threads and made my very first hexie things.

I really like this fabric, and spending time with each bit was special because I was able to look at it more closely and appreciate it.  And to then decide I wanted a couple of yards of some of the prints.  

The hexies?  I think they're kind of pretty, primarily the fabric aspect of them.  And it was enjoyable making them (sort of hard with the mini charms to get them wrapped all the way around the paper piece sometimes - probably if i cut them myself I'd use slightly bigger pieces of fabric). But they seem old fashioned to me, not that there's anything wrong with old fashioned.  I'm just not naturally drawn to them.  I don't know what I'll do with these.  I used all but three of the charms from one pack flying up and back.  We landed so I didn't get the last three done.  I guess they'll be a W.I.P. for awhile!

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Have a great Wednesday!



  1. The hexies look GREAT! I'm not really into making them either but I love how they look! Now about linking up to Lee's - you can! Click on the title of your post & you will see this in the address bar of your computer:

    Copy that & go 'link up' at Lee's - it'll be obvious once you start! Do! Whole new world's will open up! ;-)

  2. I love Cuzco fabric. Perfect project to work on during a plane flight.