Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Post

I follow lots of blogs, all quilty-crafty ones. I am amazed at the time and generosity of all of you in sharing how and what you create. I have learned so much. Thank you. I live on a boat a good chunk of time. And here is where I sew. I made my first quilt aboard this boat last year, for my best friend's first grandchild. I used a pattern, and then did it differently from what the pattern called for. That seems to be more common than not. Then when I was done, I bought a bunch of fabric scraps and remnants at a garage sale here in town, to start building my stash. We converted the guest quarters into my permanent sewing cave about six months ago. It's small but I love it! I would like to add to the conversation, and share what I've made using the ideas and patterns and fabric and notions you have told me about or have made yourselves. Working and creating in a small space has its challenges and maybe that's an area where I could have something useful to share. That's probably enough for my first post. I'm uncertain whether I really want to do this - it's such a commitment that you all have taken on. But what a great way to stay on top of projects, give and receive encouragement, and just enjoy the absolutely terrific people out here who share themselves and their love of all things fabric! Setting sail, here I go! Holli


  1. Hi Holli,
    welcoming to blogging.
    Living on a boat. I would love to read more about that and see more about your sewing.
    I grew up around boats. My dad loved them.
    Welcome to blogging and I hope you have fun with it. Blog when you want, it is your blog.

  2. Welcome to blogging - looks like you off to a great start!